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Payment Information
What is the refund policy?
How do I request a cancellation and refund?
How long does it take to process a refund?
What is the Money Back Promise?
Where do I enter my promo code?

Accessing Proof of Purchase
How can I obtain a duplicate receipt for the courses I purchased? I did not print out or lost my receipt.

Getting Started
What is my login (Username/Password) information?
When will I receive my books?
How do I get started on my course?

Livestream Courses
How does a Livestream class work?
How do I access my class?
What happens if I’m late due to tech issues?
What happens if I miss a day due to illness or appointment?
Can I watch the session at a later time if I missed a session or simply want to review?
Can I switch to an online course during the LS session or vice versa if it’s not for me?
How can I access my final exam?
Why can I not access my final exam?
Can I extend the time to complete my final exam?
After exam has been completed what happens next?
How can I access my completion certificate?
Are my livestream course hours reported?

Course Information
Who is my Instructor?
Who should I contact if I disagree with a grade I received?
What is the maximum time to complete my course?
How do I check my progress?
How can I talk to an Instructor?
When does my course begin – at the time of enrollment or when I access the course for the first time?

Quizzes and Exams
How do I request a proctor code?
What happens if I fail an exam?
Course Final Exam Proctoring

Course Completions and Reporting to Regulatory Agencies
How do I download/print a copy of my certificate?
Are my course completions uploaded to the state?